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Tarkine Trails / Takayna Makuminya by Phill Pullinger and Bob Brown Foundation (third edition)

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Across mountains, down rivers, along coasts, through forests: Tarkine Trails / Takayna Makuminya, with its splendid photographs and maps, is the definitive guide for adventurers to the Tarkine as well as browsers at home wanting the pleasures of wild Tasmania on their coffee table. Here is a welcome to one of Australia's least known yet most beautiful natural and cultural treasures.

Tarkine Trails / Takayna Makuminya is published by Bob Brown Foundation. Written by Phill Pullinger, with a forward by Bob Brown, an introduction by Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary’s owner Greg Irons, and Aboriginal Heritage of the Tarkine content by Ruth Langford – a splendid coffee table conversation starter.

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